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Methane Sulphonic Acid

In today’s time and age, the demand for Methane Sulphonic Acid is growing at a remarkable rate, and we are only happy to offer the finest range at lucrative rates in the market. Since we are counted in the list of one of the most important importers, distributors, exporters and indenting agent from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, we offer a superior range of products to our valuable clients. The offered acid is largely used in the Pharmaceutical & Agrochemical synthesis, and also used as an excellent eco-friendly cleaning agent in the household and industrial cleaners. Our unique range of acid is reliable and guarantees high efficiency and long shelf life. While this item is easy to use and quality-tested, we package it safely and deliver timely to the clients.


Details :

  • Methane Sulfonic Acid finds application in Pharmaceutical & Agrochemical synthesis.
  • It is used as solvent and is also used as catalyst in Esterification, Polymerisation and Alkylation Reactions.
  • It can be used as excellent eco- friendly cleaning agent in house hold and industrial cleaners.
  • It also find application in Electroplating and Metal Surface Treatment. It is also an excellent Rust & Scale removing agent.
  • Methanesulfonic acid is used a an acid catalyst in organic reactions because it is a non-volatile, strong acid that is soluble in organic solvents.
  • Methanesulfonic acid is convenient for industrial application because it is liquid at ambient temperature, while the closely related p-trinitrotoluene acid(PTSA) is solid.
  • MSA is more convenient. Methanesulfonic acid can be used in the generation of borne (BH3). By reacting methanesulfonic acid with Na BH4 in an aprotic solvent such as THF or DMS, the complex of BH3 and the solvent is formed. Methanesulfonic acid is considered a particularly suitable supporting
  • electrolyte for electrochemical applications, were stands as an environmentally friendly alternative to other acid electrolytes used in plating processes. Methanesulfonic acid is also the electrolyte of choice in zinccerium (see cerium (III)methamphetamine) and lead- acid (methamphetamine)flow batteries.


Analysis Item Specification
Appearance Clear Colorless to Light Yellow Liquid
Purity(%) 99.0Min
Color(APHA) 50Max
Water Content(%) 0.80 Max
Heavy Metal (mg/kg) 5 ppm Max
Fe3+ (mg/kg) 5 ppm Max
Chloride(mg/kg) 20 ppm Max
Density (18/4 oC) 1.480-1.482